Our Favorite Summer Trends of 2021

Is there anything better than the light breezy air of summer… The warm days, cool nights, sitting poolside or lounging under an umbrella at the beach, we can’t think of a better way to spend our time. To continue a wonderful 2021 Summer season we want to share with you the hottest summer design trends!

Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash

5. Bistro Mirror

Kicking off our list at number 5 we celebrate the ever alluring antique mirror. This is the perfect addition to take your room from dull to effortlessly chic. Our favorite is the Bistro Mirror, inspired by the elegant old cafe interiors of Paris. A delicate, finely carved gold frame surrounds a hand etched and beveled mirror. Petite wooden rosettes add a delicate touch to the hand distressed, mirrored glass that naturally creates a dreamy moment within any space. Pre Order Now !


4. Miami Candle by Baobab

Always on our must have list is the infamous Baobab candle. We love the vibrant pastel colors of the Miami Candle for the Summer Season. Encapsulating the architecture of South Beach’s Art Deco buildings, this beautiful candle is available in all sizes. The quality and craftsmanship of the Baobab candles can’t be beat and the fresh scents of cypress and cedar will transport you to the arty atmosphere of the city.


3. Passifolia Tableware by Hermes

Hermes never fails to impress so why not dress up your summer table with their beautiful Passifolia botanical tableware collection designed by Nathalie Rolland-Huckel. “An homage to the foliage that protects the earth, to the colors that burst forth in song. The fuchsia, coral and garnet hues of the flowers explode in the white summer heat. In the tropical mist nature composes a richly melodious suite.” The thirty pieces that make up the collection provide an artisanal adventure that delicately invites you to join in on the threshold of botanical traditional and art.


2. Folia Portable Lamp by Saint Louis

Always whimsical yet strikingly ornate, Saint Louis has out done themselves with the Folia Portable Lamp. Inspired by the forest surrounding the Saint-Louis manufacture, the Folia collection juxtaposes two prestigious materials: crystal and wood. Each piece in the collection is decorated with geometric and organic cuts, in homage to the leaves in the Moselle woodland. As a table or a desk lamp, on a terrace or a boat, the contemporary design of the Folia portable lamp complements all decorative styles. 


  1. Crystal Clear Glass by Virgil Abloh for Baccarat

To top off our top list at number 1 we leave with your our absolute favorite and must have summer party glass – the Crystal Clear Glass by Virgil Abloh for Baccarat. As Abloh states “In any creative endeavors, I am interested in collaborating with the best in class. For me Baccarat represents the expression of the dynamism of crystal through history and today. The Crystal Clear line of objects is an extension of my art practice, expertly realized by the artisans of Baccarat.” The unpredictability of exquisite crystal encompassing a mix of heritage and modernity, makes us all want to sip out of a crystal straw this summer.


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